Presenting the New EP from Hospital Corner: “Speaking New Languages”


Edinburgh artist Chris Finn who is known as Hospiatal Corner has unveiled his new EP titled “Speaking New Languages.”

“Speaking New Languages”  contains 4 solid tracks with influences from The Replacement, The Cure, Bruce Springsteen, and Wilco which is sure to win the hearts of listeners.

The theme of the EP is all about human experiences channeled through melodies and lyrics. The songs on the EP are made of golden-era rock and alternative genres.

Guitars and Keyboards are the musical instruments that were used most in the making of each song which made a flow and change sound like waves in space.

Chris Finn (Hospital Corner)

According to Chris, he wrote the first song on the EP “Waiting for Me” in a period of uncertainty. The theme of the song therefore delves into themes of fear, overthinking, being left behind, and the struggle to at the right moments. He started recording guitars, synths, and vocals at his home and recorded the drums and bass at Chamber Studio in Granton, adding a solid foundation to the music.

The second song “Seasonal Change” is characterized by a “more is more” attitude. According to Chris, “Seasonal Change” is his most energetic performance and it is noted as the darkest piece because he addressed his struggle with depression and anger in it. He wrote this song during his low point in his old kitchen. He started with the production at home and finalized it at Chamber Studio.

“Every Sensory Pleasure” the third song on the EP is described by Chris as the most straightforward and literal song on the EP. It talks about the theme of using certain vices as coping mechanisms during hard times. Chris composed this song with a hangover which gave it a bleary-eyed hungover character.

He initially wrote on piano with inspiration from Nick Cave’s style. Duncan Mcqueen and Tommy Phillips helped enhance the piano plays.

The last song “New Sun’ was born during the prolonged period of lockdown and it talks about wanting to break free from the ordinary and imagine a better future with a new sun in the sky.
“Speaking New Languages” is an EP that delves into Chris’s real-life experience. He channeled his feelings throughout which gave the songs it solid foundation which is sure to touch every listener’s heart and may add the tracks to their favorites.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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