Presenting ‘The Vice’: Luanne Hunt’s Newest single


Luanne Hunt’s shares a new novel song “The Vice” which narrates a story of a guy floating from chess passion to gambling and back. Capped with folk-pop cadences, this track hit perfectly to the core of the challenging nature of desire.

The song is basically plain uncomplicated, but the instruments are carefully designed to create an air of intimacy. The delivery of Hunt’s vocals is the embodiment of the feelings the lead character has, they are great at pulling listeners into the up and downs of life.

By the hands of Hunt’s storytelling, we are brought forth a guy who loves the moods of the casinos, but he starts doubting himself after the mood dies down. Hunt’s display is both effective and perceptive, and it will make every listener be able to empathize with the protagonist’s plights.

Luanne Hunt-The Vice

“The Vice” in a way narrates the theme of loneliness and fulfillment to which the broader themes of Hunt’s album “Miles & Memories” are linked. Through Hunt’s storytelling, it draws the attention to the humanity of the person going through depression, even notice who is a hedonist.

“The Vice” is a contemplative piece that sticks in the head even after it plays. The with which Hun uses to create a visual picture in your head and to make you feel real emotion is what makes this track an outstanding in her collection. The song stands out due its time-tested themes and authentic delivery. The lyrics are bound to appeal to anybody in search of music that talks about complicated things that human being go through.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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