PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE takes the digital airwaves by storm with their most recent feat, “99. 9 Psychic Radio”


PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE takes the digital airwaves by storm with their most recent feat, “99. 9 Psychic Radio” – an EP via a collaboration with renowned rapper JP THE WAVY and other top producers in the industry. Digitally available on all streaming platforms across major brands such as Spotify Amazon Music YouTube Apple “99.9 Psychic Radio” features four dynamic tracks that teleport listeners to an imaginary LAs based radio station promising a sonically trip down memory lane for the retro-hip hop generations.

Proving to be a captivating fusion of hip-hop and R&B, “99. 0 Psychic Radio” propels PSYCHIC FEVER from the EXILE TRIBE representing Japan upon international platforms based on production by JP THE WAVY. Tracks on the EP are carefully composed to bring out artistry and musicality of the group, thus preparing for a spellbinding listening adventure.

The EP begins with Temperature, an urban-flavored love song spiced by R&B chords. The title track of this EP has a ‘Hotline’ vibe to it and sets the mood for what is to follow, being infectious in terms of energy and choreography shown through its accompanying YouTube video.

In front is “Just like dat (feat. JP THE WAVY),” a throw back to the 200s hip-hop that follows love interests with shades of swagger about it Boasting JP THE WAVY’s exceptional flow, the track presents iconic quality with elaborate choreography designed by KAITA, KAZ the FIRE and a member of PSYCHIC FEVER Ryushin Handa.

PSYCHIC FEVERa 7-member group from LHD JAPAN stands proudly on “99.9 Psychic Radio,” where the best talents of EXPG STUDIO have established themselves to showcase their hard work and dedication in this field by working with highest achieving talent available at present moment within s Since they came officially on the scene in 2019, this has been a group that can instantly win over any audience with their infectious energy and obvious talent.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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