Reflecting on the Poignant Message of Ooberfuse’s “Dying Son”


Ooberfuse’s recent song, “Dying Son,” is a symbolic soundtrack of sorrow, the deceitful face of the Holy Wars, and it brought the conflicts in the Holy Land to light and also exposed te emotional turmoil that is faced in the loss of a loved one. Collaborating with the British band lead at multi-instrumentalists Charlie Rishmawi and Miguel Khair, in the capital of United Kingdom as London the music group delivers a moving and emotional tribute that illustrate loss and strength.

In the song, the mother takes the depth of her brokenheart to the maximum limit, the pain and grief of losing her child in such acute and haunting way. By the way of sobbing melody and midst stirring words, “Dying Son” one senses the suffering and distress, which are typical of the families that were torn apart by cause of violence and war in their lives.

Hal St. John of Ooberfuse articulately mark out the song’s topical leaps, in which remorse and revenge figures sway within the mind of the songwriter. In the teeth of incommensurate calamity, that is music’s song protagonist that picks up to move past hatred and opt for love, hence sending out message of togetherness and healing to people.

Charlie Rishmawi, blending his lush oud melodies with powerful vocals, has to deal with the subjects of the horrific current conflicts questioning the ways of ending them, leaving hope and reconciliation on the route. Like Cherrie Asher of Ooberfuse, this real word analogy alludes to the current wars in the Holy Land, intoning the peace, and the understanding.

Darling Mr. Ivan Khair creatively adds in his percussion and vocals. He is attentive to the very sacrifice that the mothers who have lost sons or daughters in the war are facing. Moreover, he further emphasizes the song’s dedication to those affected in the turmoil.

Given their devotion to the cause and strength through harmony, donations from the record features will benefit the families in Gaza and West Bank, and therefore highlighting the dedication that Ooberfuse put behind using the song as an instrument for the right change and justice.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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