Revealing Stuee Singh and his new single Spiritual Sharabi


The new Sikh rapper Stuee Singh has created a strong impact with his latest single ‘Spiritual Sharabi.

Stuee Singh is a Sikh whose lineage goes back to Punjab, in North India. He was born and bred up as an urban-based Thai Bangkokian with hip hop being his language of choice for expressing himself on localsoilandforeignsands His cultural upbringing and six years of living in Copenhagen, Denmark have made him an artist who represents the spirit or essence of multicultural identity and universality.

In the middle of Stuee Singh’s musical trek, there is a song called “Spiritual Sharabi” that pulls up traditional Punjabi music outside its limits. The name of the song, which literally means Drunk on Spirituality is a dance anthem from Punjabi that has been given spiritual touch and yet holds no dull moment by Stuee Singh’s creation represents his innovation towards cultural depiction.

But as unique about Stuee Singh is not only his catchy beats and stylish rhymes but also deep cultural pride. Spiritual Sharabi combines the long musical tradition of North India with a modernised element such as hip-hop music, making an incredible fusion that fascinates people all over.

Thus, Stuee Singh asks his listeners not only to dance but also find a way towards their spirituality through music. “Spiritual Sharabi” can be regarded as an act of adulation to the heritage Sikh and Stuee Singh intended to stay true with his roots while embracing global trends. As a global artist, Stuee Singh is positioned to change the way people listen and feel about music, promoting cultural diversity.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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