Review of “With You” by The Pulltops


The song “With You” by The Pulltops is here for you if you are in love with someone. The music exudes a certain atmosphere and will undoubtedly put you in a sentimental frame of mind if your lover is not present. On the other hand, if your beloved is present, listening to this song together will make your connection stronger at that very instant.

The lyrics are about loving your partner and being willing to spend all of one’s time with that person. The Pulltops discussed how they are head over heels in love with their overs and would do anything to be with their lovers.

“With You” starts with calm synth-pop melodies which will take you back to the olden days though as it progresses you can feel modern production and were introduced.

A Photo of The Pulltops Team

This song has a lot of dynamics, which is one of the things that I like about it. It builds up to a crescendo at some times and then calms down at other points; these shifts make the song more captivating, and you can notice this occurrence from the beginning verse to the chorus.

The smooth, mid-tempo rhythm of the verses gives way to a more upbeat, somewhat faster rhythm in the chorus, which is where the song starts to get interesting. They buzz notably, in the chorus, which gave the song some dynamic vibe to it. The Pulltops produced a nice singing, and you could feel how emotionally attached they were via their vocals. Regardless of the switches in the rhythms, they managed to send a message to listeners.

You may want to add “With You” to your playlists because of how captivating it is. But then, stream on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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