RISE’s latest release, ‘Without You’, delves into the universal human experience of loss


RISE’s stellar hit from their EP “Memories and Possibilities”, “Without You”, unify Alternative Rock, Synthwave and Glam Genres for a heavenly sound. The pulsating drumkit gives the track more meaning while likewise there be Sam Kinley’s dynamic power vocals and guitar tone modulation that contribute to the overall listening pleasure. It is always a scrupulous decision for every sound element of the song to perfectly delineate the left and right stereo field.

The song focusses on everyone’s universal human experience of losing a dear one. It is a sweet, poetic portrayal of our sadness after the departure of someone we love. Whenever you listen, your mind will be carried away into the recollections that are breaking your heart, their messages to you as a soulmate. The remarkable sound of synths converting into the steady percussion give the base for emotional trip; an excellent guitar line and amazing solo increase the power.

Sam Kinley’s heartbreakingly genuine nuanced vocals immediately grip your soul and binds you with the beauty of the lyrics. Although you may never actually suffer from loss, each line of the song will make you aware of the sorrow that is illustrated in each stanza since the depth of emotions is not only highlighted, but also clearly sketched. The song delivers the tough topic of loss after the death of one of the original band members to gift the audience with its real emotional state.

Sam Kinley as bassist and vocalist, Paul Kinley on keyboards and backing vocals, Alex Mahoney on drums and Brian Petch on guitar makes up RISE band and together they have produced an evocative expression of human emotions of grief and loss.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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