Roberto Fonseca Releases Latest Single ‘Sal Al Malecón’: A Tribute to Havana


Roberto Fonseca, a Grammy-nominated Cuban veteran, just revealed the release date for his upcoming album, “La Gran Diversión,” which is scheduled for September 22nd via Wagram Music. Fonseca has released the second track from the album, “Sal Al Malecón,” as a preview of this eagerly anticipated album. The song pays loving respect to the city where the artist was born and raised, Havana, and takes us on a musical stroll around the Malecón, a famous boulevard that is extremely meaningful to him and has greatly influenced his music.

Fonseca’s piano performance in “Sal Al Malecón” carries listeners to the heart of Havana. The song captures the essence and energy of the city and inspires us to travel and dance.
It perfectly captures the cultural diversity and vigor that exude from Havana’s streets with its vivacious rhythms and melodies.

This release follows the popular first single from the album, “Mani Mambo,” which masterfully fuses traditional components with modern flair while praising dancing and passion. Fonseca’s musical brilliance is demonstrated by his ability to flawlessly blend modernism and old-world customs.

With “La Gran Diversión,” Fonseca skillfully connects the past and present by delving into Cuba’s roaring 20s and its rich musical legacy. The master pianist, who is well-known for his work with the Buena Vista Social Club, blends his in-depth understanding of Cuban music with his distinctive aesthetic vision to produce a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and refreshingly modern.
During the course of his illustrious career, Roberto Fonseca has produced a number of highly regarded solo albums. By his work with the Buena Vista Social Club and subsequent collaborations with renowned artists like Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo, he attained international notoriety. With the release of his 2007 album “Zamazu,” Fonseca solidified his position as a writer and performer in his own right. His 2012 album “Yo” received a Grammy nomination and featured joint efforts with Malian superstar Fatoumata Diawara, ushering in a productive artistic cooperation.

With Fatoumata Diawara, with whom he embarked on a critically acclaimed live collaboration and contributed to her most recent album, “London Ko,” Fonseca’s artistic adventure continues. Fonseca presented viewers with his universally praised film “Yesun” in 2019.
Roberto Fonseca reinforces his status as a leader in Cuban music with “Sal Al Malecón” and the upcoming album. His unmatched musicianship, compelling performances, and ability to flawlessly combine tradition and innovation assure that he will continue to play a significant role in the worldwide music scene. The anticipation for the release of “La Gran Diversión” shows how Fonseca’s musical legacy has evolved and continues to enthrall listeners all around the world.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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