Sabah, a Sydney-based Lebanese punk-rock performer, debuts with “Bombs Away! (Last Time I Saw You)”


Sabah, the Lebanese-born Punk-Rock artist from Sydney, Australia, makes a bold entrance into the music scene with her debut single, “Bombs Away! (Last Time I Saw You),” available on all streaming platforms. This track is Sabah’s unique rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Last Time I Saw You,” transformed into a Punk anthem.

Sabah’s fearless approach is evident as she entirely strips down and rearranges the track, infusing it with her distinctive Punk sound. While the lyrics belong to Nicki Minaj, Sabah ensures she is credited on the track, and royalties will rightfully go to her. Sabah expresses her desire for Nicki to hear the track, creating a bridge between her love for Good Charlotte and admiration for Nicki Minaj, perfectly encapsulating her musical influences.

The debut single not only serves as a Punk homage to Nicki Minaj but also represents Sabah’s journey from being inspired by Good Charlotte to forging her own path in the Punk-Rock genre. The cover, falling into the “Pop Goes Punk” category, is a refreshing take on a familiar track.

Sabah’s unique background and bold musical choices make “Bombs Away! (Last Time I Saw You)” a noteworthy release. As a Lebanese artist with a passion for Punk, Sabah brings a fresh perspective to the scene, merging genres and paying homage to her inspirations in a way that’s bound to resonate with listeners seeking something daring and original.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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