Sam Feinstein propels listeners through the journey of self-actualization with his new single ‘Maslow’s Mountain’


Sam Feinstein’s latest book, ‘Maslow’s Mountain’, is a fascinating account of the human will to achieve self-actualization in spite of perpetual demands made by life. In the spirit of a vibrant synth-rock genre, Feinstein offers an insightful commentary on striving to follow one’s dream through survival.

The lyrics of “Maslow’s Mountain” are a very good depiction of the struggles that people in their journey towards self actualization. Using lines such as ‘It’s just eat again then clean again, got to get more green again’, Feinstein portrays the cyclical nature of life where daily needs dominate higher ones. Still, within the monotony, there is a glimmer of hope as the song calls out to listeners to dare climb Maslow’s Mountain which represents self-actualization.

The instrumentation of “Maslow’s Mountain” is also an example of Feinstein’s production prowess, which draws from influences that include synth-pop bands such as the Eurythmics and Eurovision soundscapes popular during 2000–19. The amalgamation of electronic elements and rock sensibilities results in an exciting sonic topography that keeps the listener hooked from beginning to end.

At the center of its appeal is Feinstein’s vocal style that permeates with a sense of urgency and earnestness. His unique voice brings depth and texture to the story, making listeners sympathize with what is sung out in words. With his emotional delivery, Feinstein fills the chasm between mind and body with questions about what it means to have meaning in life.

All in all, With its contagious vibe and provocative lyrics that emphasize the innovative musicality of this track is one not easily forgotten, urging listeners to reflect on their own quest for self-realization within a world that never ceases to demand.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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