Seßler/Zeeb blend pop-rock with a heartfelt reminder in their song “If No One”


The remarkable track “If No One” by Seßler/Zeeb (Kurt Sessler and Werner Zeeb) is a mixture of pop-rock and a great message about how important humanity and love are. The song is different and special here as it is Sessler / Zeeb’s first effort singing an English song.

Kurt Sessler, the song’s chief writer and vocalist, has his muse possibly drawn from a rather classical commoner – The Beatles’ “The Eleanor Rigby Song”. The theme of loneliness and isolation present in this song certainly parallel in “If No one”. This is a lyrical plea that is timely and convincing, and it can touch everybody who is sensitive to the world nowadays.Of course, none of it would be possible without Werner Zeeb’s musical mastery. Zeeb is a multi-instrumentalist who played drums, bass, guitar, piano, and violin on the track without assistance.

Photo of Seßler/Zeeb

Speaking of instruments, each tool creates its unique vibrations adding different colors to the overall composition. Guitar with its precise sonic netting enriches the deepness of the sound and drums, with their refining power, keep the sense of clarity fresh. The recording was performed in Zeeb’s home studio.

The verses are soft, creating a speculative atmosphere which is suitable to the inner-focus words played. Even though it’s the chorus which is the place where the song really gets flying. It isn’t just the size of it, it adds power and drama along with the soft undulations of the music. This dynamic is even more evident when I heard that a gospel choir and a guitar solo are included, and they are written at an end of the song as an add-on of drama.

“If No One” is an amazing song which portrays the power and glory of music. The charming melody of Seßler and Zeeb’s combines harmonies and musical thinking. This is an emotional description of the relativity of humanity, and how even for those that share no blood ties, any excessive lack of compassion results in turning a blind eye on even those who most need our help.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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