Slim Abida explores the complexities of our lives through jazz fusion album “Asymétrie”.


Slim Abida has released his second album that explores the complexities of our lives through jazz fusion and it is titled “Asymétrie”. Drawing inspiration from Paul Verlaine’s poem “Art poétique,” the album encourages listeners to embrace the unpredictable and prefer the ‘impair’ in a world obsessed with predictability. The album delves into uncharted territories, providing a sonic journey that unveils the often-overlooked dimensions of our personalities and profound selves.

Track highlights include “Butterfly,” which symbolizes human souls, change, and life, and “Confusion,” which questions the commodification of art and its role in the industrial product measured by sales, ratings, and followers. “In Médias Res” critiques the mirages created by media and social networks, questioning the authenticity of information presented. “The Circle” breaks free from the monotonous and sometimes unhealthy cycles of our lives, encouraging listeners to step outside the repetitive circles that dictate our existence.

“Father” pays tribute to Slim Abida’s father, celebrating those from whom we draw our origins and allowing us to grow. “Digital Dummy Factory” questions the role of digital technology in education and how it will shape the minds of future generations. “Asymétrie” encapsulates the album’s theme, revisiting the rhythms ingrained in our lives, reflecting on the dangers of information oversaturation from media and social networks, the urgency in professional lives, and the increasing demand for efficiency in art at the expense of meaningful messages.

“Asymétrie” It invites listeners to break away from the binary constraints, preferring the ‘impair’ in a world often obsessed with predictability.

Stream full album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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