SmashHarry Shines with New Song ‘Sunshine’


Life has a way of pulling us in unexpected directions occasionally. A chance encounter altered the trajectory of John’s life forever while he sat in the library one day.

As he sat amidst his study books, someone gently touched his shoulder and uttered the words, “You will be a professional songwriter.” Though he had no prior interest in music, that moment sparked something within him that he couldn’t ignore.

And so, John, now known as SmashHarry, embarked on a remarkable journey to become a songwriter, eventually leading to his latest release, the captivating track titled ‘Sunshine.’

John’s initial lack of musical inclination didn’t deter him from pursuing his newfound calling. Recognizing the need to learn an instrument and understand the language of music, he ventured into the music section of the library.

Among the many books, one titled ‘How to Read Music’ caught his eye. Opening it, he was greeted by the image of piano keys, a serendipitous moment that would shape his musical path.

Leaving his study books behind, John returned to his table and began his transformation into a professional songwriter, driven by a force that seemed to beckon him toward his destiny.

After many iterations and a fresh arrangement, SmashHarry proudly presents ‘Sunshine’ as a shining testament to his growth as a songwriter.

‘Sunshine’ radiates with the universal joy and warmth that the sun brings into our lives. For SmashHarry, the inspiration struck six years ago, in a small room where he taught, waiting for his students to arrive. Sitting at the keyboard, he tapped into a swinging beat that birthed the infectious chorus melody almost instantly.

He recognized its catchiness and potential. With determination, he set out to craft the verses and lyrics to complement the chorus.

The journey to perfect ‘Sunshine’ was not without its challenges. The original version, released on Soundcloud, felt incomplete. The arrangement was too long, and the verses lacked the same infectious quality as the chorus.

But SmashHarry, driven by his unwavering passion and dedication, refused to settle. He returned to the drawing board, tirelessly rewriting and reworking the song until he felt it truly represented his best work.

It inspires listeners to revel in the simple delight of sun-drenched moments, feel the warmth on their faces, join with friends for barbecues, etc.

No matter where we are in the globe, the sun has an uplifting effect on our life, which is captured in the song “Sunshine.”

SmashHarry’s journey from an unexpected encounter in the library to the release of ‘Sunshine’ showcases the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, life nudges us toward paths we never anticipated, and within those twists and turns, lies the potential for personal growth and creative fulfillment.

With his latest release, SmashHarry invites us to bask in the radiance of ‘Sunshine’ and experience the joy that comes from embracing the brighter moments in life.

Listen On Spotify below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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