Step into the Magic with Robert Vendetta’s Dynamic Album ‘Vendetta Del Disco’


Robert Vendetta’s recent album, “‘Vendetta Del Disco”, leads the listeners through the ups and downs of life, as if it’s a magical trip. From a fusion of classic retro sounds and different musical tastes, Vendetta comes out not only the most creative but awesomely dynamic work has is ever done. In the process of his collaboration, Vendetta weaves an event that tells his story and showcases his musical ability and creativeness.

The first song “Main Man” on the album is an exhilarating rock and roll piece that sets the pace for the protagonist’s journey through the record. It is jumpy with the use of lively music and intense vocals that grabs the attention from the start. It brings to the foreground themes and characters which are captivating.

‘Work, Work, Work’ continues the story with highly attractive music that keeps relentlessly the speed of the tempo. The lyric and the melody emphasize the suitability of struggle, saying exactly what the title character marches to get a success.

“Shrink” and “Fool” are tracks that stand apart from the rest by being more personal and insightful, thus revealing the expanded scope of the album’s concept. Besides rousing the fury out of stormy feelings, they are also emotional introspections, providing a look into the protagonists ongoing turmoil and progression.

“Vacation” and “Vendetta Del Disco” goes a little bit faster which relates to Robert acquires a new perspective and feeling of freedom from previous attachment. Besides, these tracks deliver a more picture-perfect and sensation-focused sound that can signify the shift in the narrator’s life.

“Here and Now” is an individual piece as it finds the solace in ruminating and gradually becomes intense at the same time. Vendetta captivates listeners by surprising with his mysterious effects, making them involved in the calmness of the album.

“Breathe”, which is full of energy and life thanks to its pulsing rhythmic pattern and african-style beats, allows one to leave behind all the worries and simply enjoy the present moment. Lastly, “Set the World on Fire” managed to close the album on a positive note. Picking the right tempo and dance could make you forget all of the worries and ready for conquer the world.

“Vendetta Del Disco” effectively channels the twists, turns and push-pull dynamics of life through engaging storytelling, mixed with different musical styles.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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