Stephen Henderson Addresses The Modern Social Media Dilemma In New song ‘Instafamous’


Let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes stupid catchy is the perfect vehicle for a surprising bit of introspection and a lot of thought. This feels like it is overwhelmingly the case with Instafamous, the latest single from Hawaii based singer songwriter, Stephen Henderson.

The tune is an introspective island reggae pop jam about the modern social dilemma: to post or not to post?

“I wrote it trying to think of how I was going to explain to my 5 year old son exactly what
instagram was after he answered the most simple question: what does a blue check mark mean?”

Tackling the wide array of features in the platform mixed with doses of self -awareness therapy, the song feels like the anthem of the social generation – one in love with attention but dying desperately underneath as the platforms extrinsic reward systems hijack our senses of self-esteem and value in the most creative and amusing ways. “It’s a conversation I’m having myself really about my own dilemma – as an artist, social platforms are my vehicle for everything, and as a human being they are way too addicting to be healthy.”

The song is as addicting as the platforms it’s writing about. It’s an absolute earworm
that, full disclaimer, will be ringing around in your heads for a while.

Listen to Instafamous below;


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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