Tende Kasha uncovers deception with “Mr Liar”


Tende Kasha who is also known as Tendekasha De Feat is rocking the contemporary Reggae genre. He Instilled inspiration from two great artists like Bob Marley and Burning Spear, he establishes a positive message line in his music. His debut album “INNER TUNE” and singles such as “Shinning Star” and “Peace n’ Love” touched a lot of people’s heart.

In his new release “Mr Liar ” Tende  tried to bring the complexities of human relationships closer to people based on real life circumstances. The song is a reflection of romantic navagations where trust is not an ingredient for his success presenting Tende’s story telling talent by putting a bit of reggae rhythms.

“Mr Liar” starts up with lively acoustic guitar sound and pleasant percussion, setting the melody for Tende to burst in with sweet vocals. Using skanky guitar rhythms and played-back drums as its carriers, it has a soulful aspect to it, and the lyrical content is confessional with a generous portion of artistic expression.

As the song goes on, drums playing in sync with Tende’s voice become more complex while guitar swells provide a lush soundscape that surrounds them. Right before the chorus, you can visibly feel the rhythm and lyrics of the song becoming infectious, and a beautiful sound field is created that is conjensive to love.

Yes, Tende is into some romance and humor for the song, which is amazing and attracted varied people. That’s when he shows how good he is at storytelling since he sings with a sense of sincerity, regret and confesses that he was lied too many times and was thus sinned against.

Highly detailed and fluid sound are the composition’s characteristics: all sounds are blended to couple into a distinct music world. Percussion of Tende serves both groove and sounds adding nose to the song, thereby making it admirable.

Generally, “Mr Liar” by Tende Kasha is reggae melody, lyrics with sentimental touch, and beautiful tone being combined to create a good song. It’s the song that makes listeners dig their soul and sing the inner desires; love, loyalty and the temptation of changing embedded traits.

Listen below.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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