The Belfast Cowboys Releases A New Single Called ‘Look at the moon, Betty’


The Belfast Cowboys, a nine-piece band from Minneapolis that has been enthralling audiences for two decades, are getting ready to embark on an unprecedented voyage.

Although the band’s name pays respect to Belfast, none of the members have actually visited the place that provided the inspiration for their musical approach. But that’s about to change as they enthusiastically prepare to travel to Belfast, Ireland, in the spring of 2024, in quest of Van Morrison’s origins and the ideal location for a remarkable performance.

Terry Walsh, the leader of The Belfast Cowboys, expressed his lifelong dream of visiting Belfast, stating that it has been on his mind for years. Although the band had previously performed in County Cork, this upcoming visit will allow them to explore the birthplace of their main musical influence, Van Morrison.

Walsh’s desire to immerse himself in the landmarks and cultural heritage that shaped Morrison’s youth serves as the driving force behind this journey.

Accompanying Terry Walsh on this adventurous expedition is guitarist Dan Kowalke. Their mission is not only to experience the sights and sounds of Belfast but also to scout potential venues that would be an ideal fit for the band’s full nine-piece lineup.

While no shows have been scheduled yet, Kowalke remains optimistic, stating that they may stumble upon a cozy pub with an inviting atmosphere, complete with guitars or a piano awaiting their impromptu performance.

This journey is extremely important to The Belfast Cowboys because they want to establish a connection with the sources of their musical inspiration.

Over the years, Van Morrison’s influence has impacted their sound and artistic direction, and this pilgrimage allows them to honor the location that was important to Morrison’s musical development.

The band’s excitement is apparent as they get ready to become fully immersed in Belfast’s thriving music scene and establish a long-lasting connection with the locals.

While the specific details of their visit and potential performances are yet to be determined, The Belfast Cowboys’ expedition to Belfast represents a significant milestone in their musical career.

Beyond the thrill of exploring Van Morrison’s hometown, this journey opens up new avenues for collaboration, inspiration, and cultural exchange. The band’s commitment to delivering exceptional live performances combined with their deep admiration for Belfast’s rich musical heritage sets the stage for a memorable and unforgettable experience.

The band is currently working on an album of entirely original songs called “The Upside to the Downslide,” and they just dropped a single called “Look at the Moon, Betty” that has their devoted following drooling.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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