The Formalist’s ‘Finite’: A heartbreaking depiction of loss and unity


The Formalist’s latest work, “Finite” narrates a compelling and intimate storyline about loss, memory, and the desire for belonging. The Formalist consist of Stephen Krieger and Erik Laroi and this song is led by sultry vocals of Erik Laroi and it assists them to consider the brevity of life and a perpetual strength of human relationships.

Since Stephen Krieger and Erik Laroi did not know how 2020 would turn out, especially in New York, they finalized their creation of “Finite” as a moving contemplation on the shortness of life during this uncertain period. The song is making me realize that people we cherish so much are those who get us to fight through life even when we are at our weakest moments.

From the beginning, the song, “Finite”, transports the listeners straight into an ambivalent soundscape, where the electronic instruments take on the role of storyteller, setting the scene with catchy backbeats and sharp synth lines as the main instruments. The heartfelt presence of Laroi’s soulful voice weaving through every verse of the song highlights its honesty with a tinge of vulnerability, while the chorus reiterates a petition for relatedness by utilising a distorted haze and an echoing chant.

Photo of Stephen Krieger and Erik Laroi(Formalist)

The lyrics of “Finite” are evocative of both introspection and vulnerability pushing the listeners to recall their own life events and relationships. It underscore the longing for substantive bonds as well as the urge to make every fleeting moment precious.

Indeed, “Finite” is that kind of song which shows the fragility of life and the worthiness of every second we spend together. The formalist’s using their expressive singing and attention to detail, creates a really pleasant background, that could be felt by listeners on a deep level, therefore you should definitely listen to this song if you need some deep and rich musical experience.

Watch the lyrics video below.

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Barbie Edonia


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