“The Glass Girls” EP by the Sharper Side: A Dynamic Dive into Modern Punk Realities


British Pop Punk trio, Sharper Side, makes a resounding statement with their latest and biggest release, “The Glass Girls.” Recorded, mixed, and produced by Max Hopwood at London Road Studios, Baldock, England in 2023, this EP takes listeners on a sonic journey through the intricacies of the modern world, delivered with a punchy and energetic pop punk sound.

The title track, “She Said So,” sets the tone with a bold sneer at the cynical world of social media influencer lifestyles. The edgy pop punk track takes a lyrical swing at the modern influencer-follower bond, unveiling the facade behind online role models who often mislead their fans with a false version of reality. Accompanied by a gripping music video released on January 19th, this track kicks off the EP with a powerful message.

Following suit is “Scars,” a light-hearted and catchy anthem with a simple yet relatable message: “Sometimes I’m a little crazy, but hey, it’s cool.” The track offers a refreshing perspective on embracing one’s quirks and imperfections, delivered with Sharper Side’s signature pop punk flair. The corresponding music video, also released on January 19th, adds visual depth to the band’s playful narrative.

“Deep Down” delves into the band’s introspective side, using oceanic and maritime metaphors to articulate the depths of their emotions and self-discovery. This track showcases Sharper Side’s ability to infuse thoughtful lyricism into their energetic sound, providing a dynamic contrast within the EP.

The penultimate track, “Four Thousand Club,” takes a bouncy approach to social commentary on workplace affairs. Referencing a scenario where men are blackmailed after indiscretions for a sum of $4,000, the song channels the spirit of late ’90s/early 2000s punk-pop with solid musicianship and a desire to make the listener bob up and down. The accompanying music video adds a visual dimension to the narrative, bringing the storytelling to life.

Closing the EP with a bang, “Hurts Like Hell” kicks off with high energy from the first second, featuring a crunchy guitar riff and blasted drums. The track delivers a strong lyrical message about the paradoxical nature of hope – sometimes it hurts, but you can’t live without it.

Sharper Side proves their prowess in crafting a sound that is both relevant and nostalgic, making this release a must-listen for pop punk enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Stream full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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