The Hawks embrace new beginnings in “Don’t Look Back”


Hawks, a Louisville, Kentucky-based band, inspires listeners to go off on their travels in the face of fear and uncertainty with their compelling song, “Don’t Look Back.” This touching song discusses the difficulties of moving on after a breakup, accepting the ideas of what may have been while summoning the fortitude to move forward.

Hawks, a band that includes former members of My Morning Jacket’s singer-songwriter Danny Cash, was founded in 2016 and has since established itself in the indie music community. Their musical style ranges from Americana to hard rock, displaying their diversity and artistic depth, and they have three self-released albums to their credit.
Hawks’ style combines deep darkness with a dash of Southern charm, drawing influence from blues, country, and classic rock bands of the 1970s. This creates a distinctive yet well-known musical experience.

The song perfectly encapsulates the idea of moving forward despite the anxiety that comes with ending a previous relationship. While memories and what-ifs may remain, the song serves as a reminder that one must eventually have the courage to face the unknowable. Hawks’ seductive melodies and heartfelt narration strike a chord with listeners who have experienced comparable difficulties.

Hawks’ music is infused with a raw, genuine vitality thanks to their deep blues and country origins.
Their music incorporates nostalgic elements while paying respect to iconic rock bands from the past. This mixing of influences produces a sound that is both traditional and contemporary, appealing to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Hawks’ distinctive fusion of genres solidifies them as a band to watch as they continue to wow listeners with their compelling lyrics and explosive songs. Their ability to switch between Americana and hard rock with ease demonstrates their flexibility as musicians and demonstrates their determination to push the envelope and discover new musical horizons.

Hawks have carved out their own unique spot in the music business, whether they are exploring pensive ballads or producing powerful rock songs. They encourage listeners with “Don’t Look Back” to face their anxieties, accept change, and start fresh.

Hawks want listeners to join them on their musical journey of self-discovery by capturing the spirit of resiliency and progress in each note.

Check out their new song ‘Don’t look back’ on spotify below:

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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