The Macarons Project Embarks on journey through relationship complexities with “Fade”


The Macarons Project consisting of Ree and Dito has released a new song called “Fade” a heart-wrenching ode to the issues experienced by a couple slowly drifting apart, but also a cry for reunion. Going hand in hand with a melancholic melody and a serene feeling, this song takes the listeners straight into the ups and downs of relationship narration giving it that certain honesty and optimism.

The single was recorded at Monarch Studios in Vancouver with producer Jacob Montague and it is the debut track off their upcoming album “Reverie”. The guitar pickings start off the song softly and built a careful rhythm through the whole song and getting the listeners involved in its inner melody. The lyrical beauty of Ree true her as she craftily weaves the sentient words in perfect harmony with the haunting lyrics, expressing her longing for a deeper level of connection, despite the gaps created in the relationship.

Ree and Dito-The Macarons Project

As the song moves further onwards, the atmospheric music and jingling piano notes create an impression of dreaminess, giving a relaxing feeling in the background for her emotional voice. The emotional appeal of the song’s melody augments the study of relationship dynamics, resulting in an intriguing, and audibly enjoyable listening experience.

“Fade”, being a soft and lovely acoustic indie folk song with gorgeous harmonies and lateen textures, has the ability to tug at the heartstrings, bringing forth powerful emotions. The combination of Ree’s vocals and Dito’s calming guitar sounds brings about an alluring symphonic and lyrical world that gives a place of belonging, love and a man who looks back equally.

“Fade” is all about of love, emotions, and the complexities of relationships, beautifully interpreted by The Macarons Project, with much ease.

Listen below

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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