The Music Group, OOMA Is here with another song ‘Mr Business’


OOMA formed in early 2022 with the meeting of Tansy Greenlee (vocals) and Nicolas Bauer (bass) at the American School of Modern Music. The two are quickly joined by Helios Mikhaïl on drums and Florian Berret on keyboards, to complete the team; four introverts, those guys who don’t get noticed, until they start making music. OOMA envelops you with round sound and warm, an infusion of neo +soul and electro jazz. Layers of synthesizers, grooves well salted, punctured by moments of improvisation that fly away, all carried by a bewitching velvety voice. With his game contrasts Ooma delights you with a sensuality explosive.

Since its birth, OOMA has released two live sessions: “Playing to Lose” and “Lucid Dreams”, which reached 17k and 18k views on Youtube. Since these live sessions the band’s sound continues to evolve; jazz in his mind, with his evocative lyrics, inspired neosoul and infused with electro sounds and rhythms. We do the music that pleases us, because in the end that’s what resonates the more in others. It is the sum of our influences and our experiences that form the unique universe of OOMA.

This new prog-soul project founded by French-Irish singer Tansy is ready to emerge. Although the sound of the group is round and warm, between soul and jazz, we also hear the influence of their Irish roots with a sometimes folk/pop sweetness. Tansy with a soft and generous voice and a bewitching sensitivity, draws the inspiration of her texts from her life and her evolution as a woman. Each piece is a collage of several moments suspended in time. His music is often compared to that of Erykah Badu, D’Angelo or Hiatus Kaiyote and his voice to that of Norah Jones. A bomb of tenderness and groove. Ooma, ready to explode the Parisian stages, released two first live sessions in 2022 which allows people to dive into his universe. Recorded at Krispy Records by Antoine Martin, these lives demonstrate a soft and explosive sensuality. Itʼs just a tasty appetizer of a bigger project to come; it will appear on their debut EP being recorded. Established by Tansy, the group is made up of incredible musicians she met during her studies at the American School of Modern Music: – Florian Berret (keyboards) – Hélios Mikhaïl (drums) – Nico Bauer (bass and arrangements)

“Mr. Business” – a reproach sarcastic of a meeting nocturnal, show one side no longer play OOMA. The group will continue to
leaving live sessions, while they prepare their first EP.

Stream ‘Mr Business’ below:


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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