Trickshooter Social Club Unleashes Musical Tales in Latest EP: ‘Truck Stop Dangerous’


Trick Shooter Social Club, led by guitarist Larry Liss and frontman Steve Simoncic, has just released a new EP called “Truck Stop Dangerous.” Both musicians have played in various bands around Chicago for years before coming together. In this EP, they tell stories about legends, the origins of blues, Elvis, and working-class experiences. They do this using a lively mix of gritty guitars and fiddles that create a vibrant and engaging musical experience.

This EP is full of lively energy that makes people want to move. The EP contains four songs, thus Beautiful, Clarksdale Serenade #2, Elvis Figurines and Lie To Me and each song has its own lively and catchy feel because of the lively instruments played and energetic singing carefully put together in the EP. The way these parts fit together makes it a non-stop, irresistible listening experience that keeps the audience interested from the beginning to the end.

The music’s energetic instrumentals are full of lively and contagious excitement that you can’t resist. The beats are so strong and real that they make you want to move and dance along. As each song plays, the music doesn’t just stay in the background and the┬ásinging perfectly matches the lively instrumentals. The voices reflect the passion and energy of the music, blending together smoothly to make an exciting combination.

Photo by @WillByington

Trickshooter Social Club’s EP, “Truck Stop Dangerous,” kicks off with the song, “Beautiful.” The song has energetic instrumentals, and electric guitar riff and impactful drums that blended so well. The lyrics hint at a narrative involving a character named Stephanie, the focus is on the buoyant instrumentation, driven by lively guitar and drums. The next song, “Clarksdale Serenade #2,” is also great. There’s a part with a grumbling sound, and the organ shines with a heavy bass. The singing goes, “Yeah, yeah,” and it goes up like Tom Petty, with a twangy and lovable hook.

The third song, “Elvis Figurines” sounds like a lively party with strings, exciting guitars, and mentions of a “rodeo.” It has a fun, southern rock vibe, the last song, “Lie To Me,” has a classic folk/rock feel. It also has lively strings and exciting singing in the emotional chorus that mentions the title. The song is about the strong effect of lying. It talks about the consequences and emotional pain that come from being deceived, echoing the feeling in its title.

Every song in the EP stands out. The consistent and lively performance throughout the EP adds a lot to its overall vibrancy and captivating quality. Enjoy full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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