Una Lengua Infinita Unveils “Una noche de invierno”: A Harmonic Journey from Despair to Hope


Prepare to embark on a musical odyssey like no other as Una Lengua Infinita, a group comprised of musicians from across the globe, releases their latest single, “Una noche de invierno” (“A Winter Night”). This existential imperative for our times is part of their new EP “Intro,” set to be available from February 23rd on all platforms.

Inspired by W. A. Mathieu’s book “The Harmonic Experience,” the initial spark for the song’s lyrics was ignited by the author’s revelation of finding his own voice within a minor triad, a chord traditionally associated with sadness, loss, and pain. Surprisingly, it is within this melancholic harmony that he discovers a profound sense of happiness.

“Una noche de invierno” navigates the intricate interplay between E minor and E major keys, skillfully weaving a narrative of conflict and resolution. The verses refuse to be confined to a singular tonality, oscillating between these two worlds with remarkable fluidity. This tension persists until the emergence of a dreamlike melody, embodying the band’s vision of transforming despair into hope and happiness.

The song’s ethereal atmosphere is further enriched by the masterful performances of Gabriel Bastos on saxophone and Noelia Diaz on cello. Their interplay evokes a sense of dialogue, drawing listeners deeper into the emotional landscape of the music.

To elevate the composition to new heights, Una Lengua Infinita has enlisted the talents of an international orchestra featuring Anastasiia Zdvizhkova on piano (Ukraine), Katrin on harp (UK), Sebastian Caro on classical guitar (Chile), Udo on acoustic guitars (Germany), Larry Salzman on percussion (USA), Maciek Chojnacki on bass (Poland), and Joakim Tofgaard on winds. Together, they create a mesmerizing backdrop for Camila’s enchanting vocals, transporting listeners to a realm where music transcends boundaries.

For those experiencing “Una noche de invierno” on select platforms in Dolby Atmos, the immersive surround sound crafted by Jan Stahlmann ensures a front-row seat to a truly unforgettable musical experience.

Beyond their musical endeavors, Una Lengua Infinita is committed to promoting authentic, melodic, and acoustic music while advocating for fair compensation for artists. With their borderless project, they aim to bridge the gap between the value of artistic expression and the recognition it deserves.

As “Una noche de invierno” beckons listeners into its harmonic dream, Una Lengua Infinita invites us all to embark on a journey of discovery, reflection, and transformation through the power of music.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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