Unveiling “Anywhere Else” by Lauren Young


Lauren Young has released a new catchy song titled “Anywhere Else.’ The highly anticipated “Anywhere Else” is a music piece that sends listeners through distressed feelings up to the survival stage, whilst under a blanket of soul-soothing melody and touching lyrics. Although written in the summer of 2019, the song took months of endless work and on December 15, 2022, at the Edge Studios, its creation was magnificently achieved under the help of the best talents of Georgia Fullalove who handled the production.

The basic theme of “Anywhere Else” is moving through situations, which you find life threatening, to secure an exit from them. Young’s deeply strained words articulate the feeling of being frequently mislead sometimes, but still hanging on to the faith of liberation.

The song’s musical arrangement plays a great role in the creation of its calm ambience. The piano with its soft strokes is the foundation of the melody, thus, contributing an air of peacefulness to the piece. Young’s vocals effortlessly caress the melody with an undertone of dreaminess and self-reflection. The power of her voice stems from the careful blend of serenity and sensitivity while demonstrating the richness of this song.

“Anywhere Else” evokes not only different emotions, but also various settings. This song is a way for someone to think of themselves or to feel relieved from trouble. It’s a powerful thing. Young excels in writing melodies that are both catchy and having emotional weight of the lyrics in her very articulate single.

“Anywhere Else” shows how music can become the mirrors of human feeling. By means of its quiet melodies and the lyrics tinged with emotion it continues to shine as an embodiment of the inherent strength of vulnerability.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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