Unveiling the Collaborative Sounds of Carey Walton AKA Studio Kind of Green:


Under the moniker Studio Kind of Green (SKoG), Carey Walton, a self-producing musician originally from New Zealand but now residing in Scotland, has been quietly shaping his musical landscape since the early 2000s. Over the years, he has steadily increased both the frequency and quality of his musical output, creating a unique sonic space for himself.

Walton’s approach to music is characterized by prolific collaboration, seeking like-minded and unconventional individuals to join forces with. He often provides vocal and lyrical content to his compositions, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Additionally, he enjoys reinterpreting the ideas of his collaborators, infusing them with the distinctive SKoG touch. His craft revolves around melding different styles and genres into unique arrangements, guided by the philosophy of doing whatever feels right at the moment.

As a primarily guitar-based artist, Walton’s compositional process typically begins with this instrument, serving as the foundational element from which his creations evolve. Bass, drums, keys, and percussion, the essential components of his music, are sourced in-house, complemented by specialized performances from guest artists.

The most recent release from Studio Kind of Green is a collaborative effort with Glasgow-based Speckled Band, a partnership born out of mutual appreciation. The connection sparked online when a compliment about each other’s work was exchanged. Speckled Band expressed their admiration for SKoG’s “Forevermore,” to which Walton responded, “I dig your stuff too, maybe we could do something together?” This exchange laid the groundwork for their collaboration, resulting in the release titled “FBI.”

“FBI” wasn’t initially planned as a serious project; it started as a fun experiment. The idea for the track had already been conceived by Speckled Band, but Walton put his unique spin on it during the creative process. What began as a casual endeavor turned into a compelling collaboration, with the final mix deemed worthy of sharing with the world.

Studio Kind of Green continues to exemplify the power of artistic connections and the beauty that emerges when diverse talents converge. Carey Walton’s dedication to experimentation and collaboration shines through in each release, making SKoG an entity that defies musical boundaries and offers a fresh perspective to the world of independent music.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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