Versatile Artist Di Ruption Airs His “Problems” In New song


Di Ruption, a versatile recording artist, has passionately expressed his ‘Problems’ through his latest track featured on the God & Time Rhythm, produced by 343 Muzik.

With confidence in its global appeal, this diligent sing-jay anticipates the track’s success both locally and internationally.

Blessed with celestial attributes including powerful vocals, captivating flows, and harmonious melodies, Di Ruption, hailing from St. Thomas, masterfully infuses emotion into his song ‘Problems,’ forming a deep connection with fans spanning the island and the world.

Distributed by CD Baby, ‘Problems’ has already amassed a staggering 40,000 views since its release, attesting to its widespread popularity.

The song’s resonance reverberates through its extensive sharing across various social media channels. Moreover, discussions between Di Ruption and 343 Muzik’s producer, Kmar Henry, concerning an official music video release are currently in progress, further underscoring the song’s significance.

Di Ruption enthusiastically praises the collaboration with the production team and lauds the song’s overall reception.

His sentiments echo, “It’s a joy working with Kmar Henry as we have known each other for a number of years now, thus the connection was there even before music.”

He elaborates on the track’s profound impact, acknowledging how it has evoked tears from listeners, resonating with their life challenges and experiences. The song’s exceptional reviews validate its powerful influence.

Continuing the dialogue, he emphasizes, “It is a track that everybody loves because it is so relatable; especially in this era.”

Di Ruption’s ability to encapsulate the daily struggles of humanity through his lyrically potent compositions is evident in his acclaimed works like ‘One One Block,’ ‘From That Place,’ ‘Trodding Alone,’ ‘Transition,’ ‘New Era,’ and more, all available for streaming on major platforms.

This year marks a pivotal milestone for Di Ruption, as his track ‘Dead Faces’ garners global recognition, resonating with audiences in diverse corners such as Trinidad, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Zambia.

Listen to the song on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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