Vili V’s “Tupelo Rhythm”: A Resilient Anthem from the Upcoming Album


With a soulful blend of roots-rock and singer-songwriter genres, Vili V is set to make a resounding impact with his forthcoming album “In Daddy’s Arms Again.”

A beacon of inspiration and hope, Vili V’s music carries themes of resilience and spirit, encouraging listeners to find strength even in the face of adversity.

The album’s lead single, “Tupelo Rhythm,” stands as a powerful exemplication to Vili V’s ability to capture deep emotions through his music.

This rocking anthem delves into the theme of overcoming obstacles, drawing from Vili V’s own personal journey through moments of rejection, illness, and setbacks. With a heartfelt mission to bring healing and comfort to those who are suffering, Vili’s music serves as a guiding light for those in need.

Vili V’s musical journey is punctuated by significant achievements and recognition. His exceptional songwriting skills have earned him five awards from the esteemed UK Songwriting Contest.

He has graced renowned stages and festivals across North America, sharing the spotlight with esteemed artists like George Hamilton IV, Walter Ostanek, Alan Frew, Maestro Fresh Wes, and even Elvis Presley’s original vocal group, The Jordanaires.

From his early days singing in church and local competitions to a tour across Europe, New York, British Columbia, Tennessee, and Quebec, Vili’s rapid ascent in the music world was paralleled by his dedication to education.

Completing college studies in jazz and classical applied music, he solidified his foundation in music theory and practice.

Vili’s music journey culminated in his debut original album, “Indigo Blue,” which garnered both fan and critical acclaim, catching the attention of EMI Music Canada.

His creations have even graced the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. One of his poignant songs, “Mama’s Hands,” showcased his ability to capture powerful emotions and tell compelling stories.

As anticipation builds for “In Daddy’s Arms Again,” Vili V’s artistic vision comes to life. The album embraces a fusion of genres, including roots-rock, singer-songwriter melodies, gospel-infused rockabilly, and country-styled gems.

Addressing themes ranging from love and mental health to faith and social issues, the album promises a transformative musical journey.

With “Tupelo Rhythm” as a shining example, Vili V’s music shows the power of melodies to uplift and guide us through life’s challenges.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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