Wavey Days’ “Round The Bend” Offers Tranquil Indie-Pop Vibes


The amazing talented artist, Wavey Days is back with a whole new song on the market; namely “Round The Bend.” This is following the success of his pevious single track “Living In The Dream”.

The song “Round The Bend” introduces us to a glimpse of the laid-back, gentle side of indie music that will sweep off our feet along the way. The calm melody that sounds upbeat and tropical provides the ears with sunshine, therefore, the senses are gratified with a vast peacefulness and happiness when listening to it.

The song’s lyrics go through the hardest way of thinking about the tough decisions and personal changes. Wavey Days tells us of life’s pivotal moments and how critical it is to remember and learn from our choices. He transforms into a character who feels the unbearable exhaustion of being trapped in a state of frustration and doubt due to the clever portrayal of the repetitive cycle of exposure through the chorus.

Wavey Days’ tunes have different types of sounds and instruments, giving up more vivid and bright music as the song is running. He uses his vocal range which miraculously changes as the chords of the music transform, symbolizing the emotional aspect of the song’s lyrics. The “Middle 8” is presented with a touch of chords and instrumentation with a gentle variation creating a balancing effect that gives the true feeling of calmness and reflection.

The song culminates in a stunningly sensational climax, with Wavey Days manifesting his vocal talent in an expressive a cappella portion when the clamor dies down only for the instrumentation to come in blazing. This is the time where it seems like that would have to be an endless ride, subsequently “Round The Bend” will always have you pressing “repeat” each time.

In general, Wavey Days` “Round The Bend” is a soothing indie-pop song, where music and thoughtfulness unite. The perfect music accompaniment for moments of relaxation and inner exploration while also showcasing the versatility of Wavey Days’ capabilities as both a songwriter and word-weaver.

Stream below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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