Wepeyo’s “Sur ma route” EP: A Journey Through Emotions and Challenges


Cameroonian artist Wepeyo has unveiled a deeply personal and evocative musical journey with her EP titled “Sur ma route” (On My Way).

In this collection of songs, Wepeyo fearlessly lets her emotions speak, tackling subjects that challenge her, including love, disappointment, and gratitude. Each track is a window into her soul, offering listeners a chance to connect with her experiences and feelings.

The EP opens with “Pansement,” a song where Wepeyo delves into the theme of love and the need to remain strong even in the face of challenges.

The message of resilience resonates, as she weaves a narrative of empowerment and self-confidence.

In “Nobody,” Wepeyo takes on the topic of true love, marriage, and unwavering commitment. The song paints a picture of two souls perfectly united and compatible, emphasizing the importance of a strong bond built on trust and mutual understanding.

“Bienvenue” We welcome the arrival of a child in grace,” as the title suggests, captures the pure joy and emotions associated with becoming a parent.

Wepeyo transforms the wishes and prayers of a new parent into a musical expression, encapsulating the overwhelming feelings of love and gratitude towards a newly born child.

“Merci” is a heartfelt expression of appreciation towards God and the universe. Wepeyo uses her music as a platform to convey her gratitude for the blessings and opportunities in her life, resonating with anyone who believes in the power of gratitude.

“Soigner” tackles the aftermath of disappointments and unhealthy relationships. Drawing from the experiences of her friends and family, Wepeyo seeks to provide comfort and encouragement to those who have experienced similar struggles.

The song emphasizes the need to heal and rebuild oneself after the pain of a broken relationship.

Closing the EP, “Manu Dibango & Ko C” dives into the realm of family problems and the daily challenges that come with it. Wepeyo addresses the complexities of family dynamics and the ongoing questioning that arises in these relationships.

Wepeyo’s musical journey is a testament to her courage, authenticity, and dedication to her craft. Her EP “Sur ma route” showcases her growth as an artist and her ability to translate her emotions into compelling melodies and lyrics.

Graduated in mechanical engineering from UIT-Bois in Cameroon, Wepeyo’s passion for music has been a constant throughout her life.

Starting with the musical group YOUM at the University of Ngoakele, she ventured into songwriting during her third year.

With her debut EP “Sur ma route,” Wepeyo opens a new chapter in her musical journey, inviting listeners to join her as she navigates the winding roads of emotions, challenges, and personal growth.

Stream full EP below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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