A Deep Dive into Astro-Lloyd’s Latest EP ‘Let’s Get Weird'”


Astro-Lloyd’s latest release is an EP titled “Let’s Get Weird” which features selection of songs that embody different themes but are show stoppers when it comes to production and creativity. Despite having only four songs, the intensity of an extended play is captured, there is new nobility in the music exploration that ranges from punk rock to stoner grunge, prog rock and even 80s synth pop.

The EP’s first track is called “Cowboy,” a song that puts Astro-Lloyd in punk rock clothing. They remain colorful and playful with punk rock influences and grunge undertones that give a caffeinated start to the EP. The guitars are overdrive, making it sound fast and energetic and the drums follow the same rate to enhance the energy feel of the song The vocalist sings with immense energy making the lyrical content catchy and appealing.

After “Cowboy,” there is “Dolph,” which is also quite obviously influenced by Queens of The Stone Age, presenting some stoner/grunge quality to it with hypnotic, powerful guitar work and kicking drumming. The vocals begin in almost sultry register before rising to full volume and presenting them in a very chaotically energetic manner which helps to build up the grunge element of the track.

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The third song, “23. 19,” deviates to the style that the album was portraying at the onset – rather experimental. This can be regarded as a hardcore prog-rock odyssey filled with professional guitar work and mechanical-sounding riffs that are created as a result of an outstanding mix of hardcore and prog-rock sounds. The track shifts between polyrhythm with distracting drums and adds slight psychedelic phasing and reverb which simply makes the image stirringly trippy.

The EP concludes with an electronic music version of Speedracer, which is one of the songs in the band’s first album. This 80s version changes the tune into a softer combination of pop-rock genre, synths, and percussion with a deep echo effect. The vocals are passionate and the reverb gives the entire band a gentle indie rock foundation in which regrets of love and memories are shared.

Every song on the EP is unique yet they don’t stray far off from the band’s general musical approach. The song presents interesting lyrics, a captivating melody, and the most enchanting guitar riffs that can be heard in Astro-Lloyd’s music, so listeners are welcome to get weird indeed.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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