Review: Post Death Soundtrack Shares New Album “Veil Lifter “


Post Death Soundtrack, a psychedelic doom grunge duo from Vancouver delivers their full-length album titled ‘Veil Lifter’. The album is a mix of doom, grunge, hardcore and even thrash because of the talented guitar work of Stephen Moore and Jon Ireson. This is a 10-track masterpiece featuring all types of tracks from hit to atmospheric, but each track takes the listener on a grungey, gloomy experience.

‘Veil Lifter’ begins with an elaborate 27 seconds number, ‘At The Edge Of It All’, and then goes straight to the business with “The Die Is Cast”. The band’s vocal is  handled by Moore and has a variation from high-pitched screams to powerful voiced verses, drum rolls, and electrifying guitar solo. The flow preserves this intensity up to the songs like “Killer Of The Doubt,” which has heavy power metal vocals and incredibly unique rhythm.

Post Death Soundtrack

“Arjuna’s Hunting Hand” is the 5th song on the album and it encompasses both melodic and crushing elements, as well as through lyrics which touch upon the concepts of the Eastern philosophy.  “Immovable,” stands at eight minutes and serves as the focal point of the album meandering through different instrumentals and emotions before reaching for the glorious ending that gives both the power and the emotional frailty to the vocals.

The Sixth track “Lowdown Animal” is also one of the songs that were inspired by the things that are left unsaid such as mental disorders. Such a strong emotional core can be observed in “Burrowing Down The Spine” and “Tide Turns Red,” with the latter having to deal with betrayal in a rather engaging manner.

The experience on “Veil Lifter” is guarded in its attempt to appear live; this is beneficial to the general performances presented in the record. The songs are heavy but compact, so every component no matter if it’s heavy guitar tracks, complex drum sections, or atmospheric synths doesn’t obscure the others.

Despite the grim and even depressive tone of the topics of concern, “Veil Lifter” is a strong album that combines elements of metal and hard rock with everything unfiltered and in your face. Due to its excellent production quality and the passion and aggression exhibited by the band, it would be recommended especially for those who enjoy bands that are within the grunge and heavy metal genres. Essentially it is not simply songs, but a dramatic performance reflecting on the state of human soul and encouraging people to at least try to take off the veil of sheer ignorance.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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