A Look into Jack Raymond’s EP “The Long Story Short”


The EP “The Long Story Short” by Jack Raymond is a soulful exploration of realms such as roots, folk and blues. This is a set of songs that were written in the course between 6-7 years and bring out an authentically introspective view of how this artist was living it.

The EP begins with “We’ve All Been There” – a country-tinged track addressing the nuances of life and its struggles. The lyrics of Raymond are touching and his singing is extremely pure, which attracts the audience deeply. Trumpet sound used in this song sounds surprising but thought-provoking at the same time. The song “Harriet” introduces a melody that inspires joy and boasts fantastic musicality.

“All of Me” does the same with monumental electric guitar sounds and thoughtful lyrics about acceptance. Raymond lays his heart on the line, with flaws and imperfections that he wears proudly as a badge of honor, set to an amazing electric guitar solo which takes this song into another realm of spirituality.

“Wide Eyes” the fourth song is dreamy as he serenades his love whom old night reveals her sweetness in the morning sun. The song functions as a sort of love letter in the form of an emotional but lyrically colorful and melodically power-packed composition, with the effect that it creates ambiance to breathe together.

“Make Hay” follows with a theme of living for today and capitalizing on life’s opportunities. The melodious voice that welcomed the message loudly and clearly combined with a trumpet solo add weight to this optimistic song, which is meant to give hope.

“Water Water” which is the 6th song explores a theme aimed at crafting a unique sound that helps us let go of the burdens weighing us down from the past.

The EP closes with “Money Won’t Buy Happiness,” a theme that leaves us with uplifting harmonies, making it one of the standout compositions with its excellent riffs.

With every story in ‘The Long Story Short,’ Raymond tells the tale of his life even as he enchants listeners and takes them along with him so that they live through all its twists and turns. The minimalism in the instrumental focus makes Raymond’s voice stand out and gives a genuine experience to the audience.

The Long Story Short is an incredible debut EP that demonstrates the greatness of Jack Raymond as a singer-songwriter. The combination of the roots, folk and blues influences with Raymond’s spellbinding tale making this an EP that would speak to those looking for something real and heartfelt.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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