Nuggaet’s Debut Single Nuggets (Not at McD) – A Grungy Anthem for Embracing Uniqueness and Pursuing Happiness


Here is Nuggaet’s first debut track, Nuggets (Not at McD), and you should get ready to dance to it. It is a dynamite blast of down and dirty energy that will have you out-a-yo-yo. With rough guitar riffs, loud drums, and wild singing, Nuggaet creates a sound that’s raw and impossible to ignore.

The song’s lyrics are very clear, but they hit hard. They are smart and to the point, speaking nothing but the truth. The chorus reminisces, “Not at McDonald’s, chicken nuggets make me happy,” which is memorable and very much recognizable by a lot of people. It presents the rebellious nature of the song with a lot of fun.

The whole process of producing the song was pure spontaneity and love of loud music. It all began when guitarist and singer Will randomly came up with the phrase not at McDonald’s while on a journey. That motivated him to compose the song for this band, Nuggaet. The first song they sang from this outfit was recorded at the home studio of their drummer, Ivan, Forged in Fire Productions. Recording the music of the band professionally was a big deal for the band.

This song is quite different from their previous work. This isn’t about avoiding fast food restaurants, but finding happiness in simple things like enjoying a box of chicken nuggets.

Nuggaet’s Nuggets (Not at McD) is a rousing ode to being yourself and pursuing happiness. Its grimey style just sucks you in and keeps you there. Don’t lose this remarkable debut of Nuggaet; increase the volume and let their music pull you.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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