A Review of Jimmy Mallia’s “Cover Me”


Jimmy Mallia turns out to be a talented singer-songwriter, whose music has such inborn folksy tinge that submerges into the depth of human nature. With the life-long history of highs and lows as his muse, Mallia calls listeners to a soulful journey through existence in his eyes. On the eve of his releasing a new single – “Cover Me”- Mallia gives us an insight into what goes on in one paranoid mind.

The track, ‘Cover Me’, is characteristically gripping and scintillating with a swirl of emotions radiated from the man’s soul as he longed for seclusion. In a first-person narration, Mallia shows the inner battle of someone being evaluated psychically and wanting nothing more than to be left alone. Although the song appears cheerful enough in its title, it unfolds a sad story as if to match and reflect all that weight of being alone forlorn.

According to Mallia, the storm of atmospherics that also evokes a raging storm which consists sounds is in fact an image conceived by these elements mirrors extremely turbulent emotions and feelings trapped inside its protagonist. The metaphorical storm is a poignant symbol of the inner turmoil that those having to cope with mental illness must contend within their personal lives—a reality which Mallia knows all too well, drawing upon his own experiences in battling depression and alcoholism.

However, “Cover Me” goes beyond storytelling; it reflects the harsh realities of mental illness. Musically, Mallia’s lyrics and vocals are heartfelt as they flow in a soulful manner which brings forth the authenticity of sentiment that many do not understand well. Mallia goes beyond his musical pursuits, however; the community outreach he has dedicated himself to only serves as another layer of evidence proving him a man truly committed to helping those in need.

Essentially, it is a sincere request for compassion and tolerance in society where mental health remains largely unacknowledged. There is only one offering by Mallia, however intoxicating his mystery storytelling and genuine compassion of this single makes it an encouraging contribution to her counsels with those who undertake their life’s rough sea.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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