Discover Joris BON’s “Gleam”: A Soothing Blend of Pianos and Electro


Joris BON invites all music lovers, critics and fans alike to lose themselves in the dreamy world of their new single “Gleam,” co-created with vocalist Clara Boffy – a beautiful balance between piano and electro elements that will leave you spellbound.

“Gleam” musically unfolds as a piano-driven electro ballad, Clara Boffy’s vocal serves like it is beacon of light amidst all swirling melodies and pulsating rhythms. Joris BON’s decision to compose the lyrics along with its piano melody provides an unbroken unity in which each phrase of music flows into another.

The emotive force of ‘Gleam’ is in its variety, from the peacefulness of a sunset to raw energy and power that characterizes storm. By magically combining the instrumentation and through evocative lyrics, Joris BON et la Clara Boffy make listeners travel to a place where music is woven with elemental nature of life as they take you on an imaginary journey long after that last song dies.

As Joris BON notes, “Gleam” is not only a song it’s an emotionally-charged hymn that aims at uniting people around the common language of music. The combination of electronic noises with the warmth sounding from a piano forms an energetic acoustic background that is encouraging listeners to go on journey into their soul and discover both relationships around them.

In essence, “ Gleam” stands as a proof of the power potential that music had to cross borders and take human life to an advanced level. Immersing in a timeless music made by Joris BON and Clara Boffy, we can feel the harmonious fusion of piano with electro elements that brightly shines among all other contemporary musical compositions.

Listen below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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