Ace Music Band Silvermouse Released An Experimental Sound With Their New Album “Beyond”


Talented music band Silvermouse released their fourth studio album titled “Beyond.” The band has been active in the music scene producing and performing their music to their fans and audiences and also being at the forefront of the livetronica surge in the US, playing for over 15 years.

The album is made up of 8 tracks that sounds unique and original due to the tracks experimental methods used in their composition.┬áThe lead track is titled, “Druids Rising,” followed by “Beyond the Dream Drum,” “Primrose was our Goat,” “Imagining,” “Snake Grass,” “Lionsmane,” “Tripgnosis,” and the last track “Brew 42” which is my personal favorite after spinning all the 8 tracks for a couple of times. This particular track has a refreshing, charging and electrifying vibe that kept me hypnotized as I listened. The lead guitar riffs, flutes and high-hat riffs create a magical sensation.

The album encompasses the experiences of the last five years of the band’s live performances. Recorded live at Earthship, PR, the album is a 73-minute musical work. In the last few years, the Silvermouse band has also collaborated with the Monroe Institute and pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment technology in live performances. This album includes the consciousness-altering signals of Monroe Sound Science tuned to octaves of the vibrational frequency of the color blue.

I recommend checking out Brew 42, the last track on the album if you want a captivating tune to add up to your playlist. The album features Justin Handley on Guitar, violin, mandolin, flute, ukulele, and recorder and Joanne Hunt on live production of the electronic foundations. The mixing and mastering of the tracks on the album is incredible. The instrumentation has clarity and precision in the arrangement of the instrumental tones.

According to the band members the album is designed to be listened to as a single piece.

Listen below on Spotify;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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