Jazz Musician, Rupert Cox Debut Album “Search Party” Thrilling Audience with Positive Energy


Jazz music sensation Rupert Cox dropped his debut album “Search Party” recently. The album is made up of brilliantly diverse collection of melodic concepts that cuts across sounds from downtempo jazz, through to ambient soundscapes and into uplifting, joyful melodics and rhythm. The tracks on the album has the vital elements and potency to calm the soul and raise positive energies in its listeners considering the standout mixture of jazz and dance music making up the album.

The album is made up of eleven catchy tracks that possess unique rhythm and styles. Starting the list with first track; “The Nowhere Dance,” followed by “Fig Tree,” “Summer Wake,” “Hearth,” “Lament,” “Search Party,” the track that bears the same name as the album and a personal favorite after listening to the whole album. This particular track has an incredible vocal delivery and an intriguing instrumental that gave me goosebumps while listening. The other tracks are “Embers,” “Gold,” “Remember,” “Sanctuary,”and the last track on the album is “Green Yellow Brown.” Infact, “Search Party” is such an amazing album that needs to be on every jazz music listener’s playlist.

The instrumentation on the album consists of different tones of piano progressions, guitar riffs, shakers and exceptionally well arranged drum patterns. These instrumental elements are found in almost all the tracks making them sound as good and original as it should be. Also, the mixing and mastering of the project is a standard one which confirms the kind of hardwork, talent, creativity and time that was invested in creating such a master piece.

The “Search Party” album is out and running on all streaming platforms and active on SoundCloud as well check it out and listen for yourself.

Listen below on Spotify;

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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