After The Release Of A Successful Album Richard Tyler Epperson Follows Up with New Song “Christmastime”


Following the debut of Richard Tyler Epperson’s 4th album ‘A Wandering Mind’ earlier this year, alongside a series of individual releases, Richard launched ‘Christmastime’ on December 4th, 2023.

Christmastime emerges as a delightful addition to the holiday music scene, presenting an ideal fusion of traditional allure and modern-day pop enticement. The track commences with a buoyant and fanciful ambiance, instantly summoning the enchantment of the festive period. The muted tones and chimes establish a captivating setting, reminiscent of timeless seasonal favorites. The chorus of Christmastime ventures boldly into the realm of contemporary holiday tunes, injecting vigor and contagious jubilance. The incorporation of applause, coupled with an energetic percussion, introduces a spirited dimension bound to ignite the festive fervor in audiences.

The second verse introduces a lively rhythm, contributing a layer of frolicsomeness to the composition. Epperson’s adaptability maintains the track’s allure, averting any hint of predictability. The seamless transition between verses and chorus underscores the meticulously structured nature of the song. The bridge in Christmastime emerges as a highlight, showcasing a low-fidelity interlude that artfully conveys the imagery of a chilly winter tempest. This unforeseen deviation adds an element of unpredictability to the track, amplifying its overall allure.

These inventive choices distinguish Christmastime from typical holiday anthems, rendering it a distinct and unforgettable auditory experience. In the process of composition, Epperson drew inspiration from classic Christmas melodies. “I’ve forever admired Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime. I aspired to infuse a comparable vibrant synthesizer resonance into the second verse, evoking that joyous pop Christmas ambiance,” elucidates Epperson. “My intention was to craft a Christmas tune that authentically encapsulates the festive spirit,” articulates Epperson. “Just one of those joyous, upbeat compositions that elicits smiles and anticipation for the holidays.”

While Epperson has already forged a candid connection between himself, his audience, and his music throughout his career, listeners will be captivated by this lively, toe-tapping, ready-to-clap Christmas melody. Embrace Richard Tyler Epperson’s invigorating new holiday hit, Christmastime.

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Written by
Barbie Edonia


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