Billy Ray Norris Urging Us In His New Song To Halt Completely For Affection! “JUST HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, Eternally”


On April 22, 2022 Billy Ray Norris unveiled his inaugural Album, “A Small Portion of Paradise,” amidst the pleasant Spring breeze of a southern state of mind. Presently, he’s urging us in his new song to halt completely for affection! “JUST HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, Eternally” is a charming Country waltz, featuring banjo, dobro, mandolin, and pedal steel; narrating a tale of entrancing romance with a retro southern ambience! Teamed up with Rebecca Jade, the vocals vividly portray an alluring sonic vista of a couple engulfed in love!


Juggling the roles of a physician during the day and an artist by night, Billy Ray strives to harmonize and fuse these responsibilities. Leveraging music as a remedy, he aims to foster healing, development, and affection through his melodic craft. “All My Love, All My Days, All Ways,” set to release on February 14, 2024, is a Country hymn suitable for his beloved movie, “The Notebook.” Enjoy this exclusive preview!

Billy Ray Norris has penned an additional 12 tracks in 2023 towards his forthcoming album, “Merely the Other Day,” and is presently in the production phase for “It Don’t Come Easy” and “Behind A Good Man,” both of which pledge to be melancholic Country triumphs! Stay tuned to the Billy Ray Norris channel to catch these upon release!

Regarding his 2023 solo release “Merely the Other Day,” as delineated in “BILLY RAY’S HEARTFELT BALLAD,” Heathcliff, a music critic for THE LIONS GROUND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, comments: “The lyrics are incredibly impactful and contemplative, rendering the song unforgettable. Your songwriting prowess is praiseworthy, and you’ve adeptly composed lyrics that are both facile to comprehend and relatable.”

In the domain of country music, “Merely the Other Day” has carved out its distinct niche. The track radiates a sound that is quintessentially country yet maintains an unmistakably individual nature. The triumphant amalgamation of identifiable lyrics, infectious melody, and genuine sound has not only earned the song well-deserved acclaim but has also resulted in its inclusion for comprehensive coverage on The Lions Ground Entertainment Group platform. This marks a momentous milestone, being the inaugural country song to be embraced in the platform’s history.

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Barbie Edonia


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