Alberto García González: From Havana to Miami, the Journey of Nenerecords


Born on December 27, 1986, in the vibrant city of Havana, Cuba, Alberto García González’s journey into the world of music is nothing short of a transformative odyssey. Raised within the embrace of a humble yet resilient family, Alberto’s roots lie in the heart of Havana’s rich cultural tapestry.

Growing up in an environment shaped by the struggles and prosperity of his family, Alberto’s early years were marked by a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Despite the humble conditions of his birthplace, his family’s determination ensured a fighting spirit that would become a defining aspect of his character.

As the years unfolded, Alberto’s path took an unexpected turn when he embarked on professional training in a technological career. Amidst the confusion that often accompanies one’s journey to self-discovery, he found himself drawn to the world of music. In 2004, fueled by the rare access to a computer, Alberto’s life took a profound turn as he embraced the role of a DJ.

Influenced by fellow artists who recognized his potential, Alberto, now known by his artistic alias Nenerecords, took his first steps into the realm of music creation. The birth of Nenerecords became a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft, marking the beginning of a musical adventure that would alter the course of his life.

The evolution of Nenerecords is a tale woven with determination, growth, and the support of a community that believed in Alberto’s artistic vision. Launching himself into the world from his current residence in Miami, Alberto, under the moniker Nenerecordsmiami, is set to deliver a wave of music that resonates not only with the vibrant sounds of Miami but with audiences worldwide.

As Alberto García González opens this new chapter in his artistic journey, expect a fusion of Miami’s musical essence and a unique perspective that transcends boundaries. Nenerecordsmiami is poised to make a significant impact on the global music scene, promising a future filled with diverse and captivating sounds for the world to embrace.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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