Embark on a Journey with “Manners Tapé” with his “Retro 2020 Compilation”


**Manners Tapé: “Retro 2020 Compilation” – A Journey Through Time and Emotion**


In 2020, amidst the ebb and flow of everyday life, Manners Tapé crafted an album of eight tracks that encapsulates a sonic journey through time and emotion. Aptly titled “Retro 2020 Compilation,” this musical collection served as a creative outlet for Manners Tapé, allowing him to express his artistry before a temporary hiatus prompted by life’s challenges.

The album unfolds with tracks such as “La QUICA,” “YE ME DJA,” “Carbon,” “Complicated,” “Avoid,” “Green,” “MON DJAI,” and “It’s broken.” Although some of these titles had been previously released as singles, the album introduces a deluxe edition featuring unreleased gems.

Manners Tapé, a Franco-Ivory artist, invites listeners into his world of diverse sounds, embracing elements of Trap, Hip Hop, and well-crafted refrains. The tracks, such as the compelling “Complicated” and the soulful “YE ME DJA,” showcase his unique approach to beats, blending Zouglou, cut-off, Afrobeat, and French rap into a singular expression of his artistic vision.

The album is a narrative that unfolds through Manners Tapé’s distinct vocal style and flows. Influenced by childhood icons like Lil Wayne, Booba, DJ Arafat, and Chris Brown, Manners Tapé pays homage to his musical roots while carving a path uniquely his own. His voice resonates not only in rap but in the harmonies of Zouglou and the rhythms of Afrobeat, creating a blend that’s as unconventional as it is captivating.

With the release of “Compliqué,” Manners Tapé embarked on a campaign, challenging himself to create a pure, well-crafted song that eschews auto-tune effects. The track delves into the complexities of a personal experience, narrating an idyllic relationship facing challenges due to financial constraints. Manners Tapé, a young hustler with grand dreams, shares his authentic story, emphasizing the pursuit of love and freedom despite the hurdles encountered.

As “Retro 2020 Compilation” resonates with listeners, Manners Tapé’s story continues to evolve.  Manners Tapé invites his audience to join him on this musical journey, assuring them that the best is yet to come.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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