Aleighcia Scott Takes a Ska-Inspired Leap with “In My Shoes” Ahead of Forthcoming Album


In a harmonious fusion of nostalgia and contemporary creativity, reggae luminary Aleighcia Scott introduces her latest single, “In My Shoes,” a vibrant track that pays homage to the irresistible allure of ska.

With this captivating release, Aleighcia, a Welsh-Jamaican songstress, takes listeners on a journey back in time while infusing her signature style with a dynamic touch.

Produced in collaboration with the legendary sound system maestro RoryStoneLove, “In My Shoes” radiates the spirited essence of the early reggae scene, particularly the transition from ska to rocksteady during the 1960s.

This bouncy, horn-infused masterpiece celebrates the unspoken attraction that resonates between two souls, evoking the energy of an era that holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts.

The song’s rhythmic energy and spirited melodies capture the very essence of ska’s timeless charm.

With this release, Aleighcia and RoryStoneLove acknowledge and honor the music that paved the way for reggae, providing the soundtrack to the lives of Britain’s first Caribbean communities.

“In My Shoes” stands as a living tribute to the elements that laid the foundation for reggae’s evolution. Aleighcia Scott’s genuine passion for ska shines through, as she delivers a performance that transports listeners back to a transformative era in music history.

The song’s infectious rhythms and soulful lyrics invite audiences to relive the danceable magic that characterized the early reggae scene.

The forthcoming album, “Windrush Baby,” co-crafted by Aleighcia Scott and RoryStoneLove, encapsulates the rich heritage of both artists, bridging the Jamaican and Welsh influences that define their musical identities.

This project serves as a bridge between past and present, capturing the essence of their collective musical journey from blues dances and shubeens in Cardiff and London to the modern era.

“In my shoes” is accompanied by a Video Premiere, heralds a new chapter in the artist’s journey.

Mark your calendars for the grand unveiling of “Windrush Baby” on September 1st , as Aleighcia Scott promises to captivate hearts once again, uniting the old and the new in a mesmerizing musical experience.

Listen on Spotify below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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