Sandra Pierani Unveils Irresistible Amapiano Anthem ‘DND’


In the heart of the Cameroonian music scene, an electrifying artist by the name of Sandra Pierani is steadily etching her name onto the sonic landscape.

Born on June 23, 1995, in Makon, Bamenda, Sandra Pierani is an exceptional Cameroonian recording artist and performer, boasting a captivating blend of Cameroonian (Bali Nyonga) and Italian (Florence) heritage.

Her musical journey, punctuated by diverse experiences, has led her to a place where she’s creating waves with her latest single, “DND.”

Raised amidst the vibrant blend of Douala and Bamenda, she hails from a family of four girls and one boy. A former cabin crew member at Ryanair, Sandra’s career path took an interesting turn into the world of music.

From her early days singing in her school choir and being appointed her class’s choir prefect at the tender age of 15, her connection with music was undeniable.

Completing her education milestones at “New Horizon International Secondary School Limbe” and later earning a bachelor’s degree in communication and media sciences from the “Budapest Metropolitan University” in 2020, Sandra’s journey has been characterized by dedication and a thirst for knowledge.

Her passion for helping the less privileged and her love for exploring new cultures have shaped her into a multi-faceted individual, balancing her time between music, philanthropy, travel, swimming, partying, and volleyball.

Sandra’s musical voyage began to gain real momentum in 2019 with her debut track “Bonne Chance,” produced by the gifted Sango Edi.

Following this promising start, she continued to make waves with tracks like “Mulema” and “Free Me,” showcasing her prowess as a versatile artist. However, it was her single “Worth A Benz,” released in February 2021, that catapulted her into the spotlight.

This club anthem highlighted her confidence and independence as a woman, and its accompanying visuals, directed by the renowned Dr. Nkeng Stephens, further solidified her artistic presence.

Setting her own path, Sandra established her record label “Couleur Rebelle Records,” releasing the tantalizing “Bando” in June 2021. This project, a collaboration with Boy Karl and Dr. Nkeng, added another layer to her already impressive discography.

Now, in a seamless progression, Sandra Pierani has graced us with “DND.” This new single, drenched in the vibrant sounds of amapiano, is a musical embodiment of positivity and energy.

With its infectious rhythms and uplifting vibe, “DND” is tailored for both radio airwaves and dancefloors. This song is more than just a musical offering; it’s an invitation to embrace life’s joyful moments and surrender to the groove.

Listen on Spotify below.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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