Alexa Lash Shares A Self-Empowerment Anthem for the Anxious Woman


Alexa Lash, a Florida recording artist, has just put out “Fuck That Noise”, a decently enjoyable track to listen to. In the song, the anxious woman narrates her confident self-talk, in which emotions and fear are interlinked for her to bounce back and become her normal self.

With the “Fuck that Noise” lyrics melody that feels logical, it is something that will surely lift the listeners to the next level with the self-discovery and inner peace. With each line seamlessly transitioning into the next, the song culminates in a powerful message: loaning anxiety that can wipe out even the highest force of insecurity and trembling.

It has an imaginary feel to it with a basic track which a listener feels as if he is being taken through a theatre setting. With a multilayered sound created by adding the artist’s deep vocals and light acoustic instrumentation, there is a sense of depth and heaviness to it. one would perceive a contradictory context.

The song, a side of the double single, pictures the metamorphosis of the artistic style of Alexa Lash but in no way reducing her individuality and the relaxing quality of her music. In her words that seem calm and sweet while her lyrics deal with real-life situations faced by young women of today overwhelmed with information, “Fuck that noise” does not only sound delightful, but also serves as an escape from the bother.

“Fuck That Noise,” a raw speech about real-life scenarios, inspires listeners to be themselves and stand firm in their vulnerability by giving them such space for self-expression. In a universe that shouts its name, this song is nothing more than an answer to the possibility of sporting self-consciousness & determination.

Enjoy below.



Written by
Barbie Edonia


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