Discovering Musical Eclectism with Michael Friedinger’s “Between Chairs”


Michael Friedinger’s newest record “Between Chairs” lets the audience partake in a thrilling trip trough the music genre that fights against the way to be labelled The album is rooted in jazz, but the genre is beyond it since it is influenced by an array of genres including drums, rock, fusion, gospel, and Brazilian and Cuban music. This has given Friedinger an avenue to showcase his versatility and eclectic tastes.

This excursionist feature captures Friedinger in the artistic genre of “chair-sitting”, which translates to his inclination for music travel and blending different styles and genres. He is equally at ease on an acoustic piano or departing with the cautiousness of the keyboard, Friedinger’s musical pathway is about agility as well as innovation.

“Between Chairs” contains a dozen original compositions and arrangements that are performed in a funky soft jazz and fusion way. Every song is a sign of her skill with composing and very catchy melodies as well as arrangements which still allow for improvisation.

Michael Friedinger

The album is full of top-notch musicians like saxophonist Arno Haas, flutist Stefan Koschitzki, guitarists Nico Schliemann and Fabiano Pereira, bassists Ben Jud and Axel Kühn, drummers Alvin Mills and Marcel Gustke, percussionist Christoph Scherer, and vocalist Fauzia Maria Beg. The bunch of the Hot Damn Horns, Chris Mück on trumpet, Christoph Beck on saxes, and Florian Seeger on trombone, brings so much brass together with the bunch.

Every musician pours in their own small creative gift that results in the incredible fabric of the album‟s sound. From a contagious rhythm to a touching improvise, the “Between Chairs” is a collective effort of the band that represents togetherness and harmony.

Audience will surely recognize the infectious rhythm combined with funk sound and the beauty of Brazilian and Cuban music in the track list. As the album goes through Friedinger has the ability to create delicate balance between intellect and emotion, and so in result music is both soul-touching and stimulating.

Stream Full Album below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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