American pop singer, Lola Coker has shared a new single titled FIRE.


American pop siner, Lola Coker has shared a new single titled FIRE.

For an original song, this is the first beat she did not create herself. She was eager to start singing as soon as she heard this beat. It was enjoyable to sing over an afrobeats beat that resembled the genre she listened to growing up. She drew influence from many of the afrobeats and classic songs my parents taught me to, such as Tiwa Savage, Asa, Sade, and other artists.
Listen to the song below:

Lola Coker is a passionate singer, songwriter & performer. Lola started her career singing on talent shows. She won Outstanding Soloist at the National Jazz Festival 2020, Best Vocal at Princeton Jazz Festival 2019. 1st place at 2016 MAMTG Mid Atlantic Idol & 1st place
Musical Theatre.

Lola has received several awards for her accomplishments including The Senate & General Assembly of New Jersey Citation Commendation & Praise, Mayor & Council of Burlington Twp Certificate of Recognition & Burlington Twp Board of Education Congratulation
It was around the age of 13 that Lola received a PreSonus AudioBox as a gift from her dad. She slowly learned how to record produce her own music through making covers on youtube. She continued to do so off and on for years until she gained the confidence to produce her own original beats, and eventually full songs.

Music is a great way for people to express themselves whether they’re musically inclined or not. Growing up I was exposed to many different types of music & luckily, I was able to hear how versatile & unique music can be. There are no walls in music, there are so many genres & sub genres but the fact that our brains can come up with so many new sounds & combinations
is incredible. Music is such a beautiful form of art & the possibility of contributing to that beauty
is what draws me in.

I feel as though my sound leans more towards R&B/Soul & Jazz if I were to encompass it in a genre. Personally, it’s hard for me to tell others how I sound, all I hope is that I sound good. I have heard people describe my voice as smooth a decent number of times so that may
be so. I just know that my goal is to be a different & desired sound. I want my voice to make people feel, whether it means happy, sad, reminiscent or hopeful. I love music and I love to create things that make people feel. Producing beats, writing lyrics, singing, all things I find an unbelievable passion in. I find inspiration in my everyday life, dreams, and other forms of art so I can channel it into a song and share it with you. I love to grow creatively and challenge myself to push the boundaries of traditional genres.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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