Anjela Abelian, a Russian jazz musician, made a foray into contemporary music with her song “Strawberries.”


Anjela Abelian is a jazz musician who was born in Russia and now resides in London, Camden. Despite this, she is branching out into modern music, as evidenced by her most recent hit, “Strawberries.”

Quentin Collins, Jamie Safir, Conor Chaplin, Leo Richardson, and Mark Fletcher, five well-known London jazz musicians, contribute their outstanding talents to the tune.

The song has a highly infectious vibe, and Anjela sang well with her supple voice, giving it a jazzy and seductive vibe. Her unwavering dedication to her work has had a significant impact on how she has continued to progress throughout her musical journey. She has additionally studied with renowned vocal instructors in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Anjela’s musical background is firmly rooted in jazz, but she also uses her songwriting talents to venture into contemporary music.

Anjela committed herself to writing skill development during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her song “Strawberries” was recognized as a semi-finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition as a result of her participation in an international online community of songwriters. Her participation in the international online songwriting contest was one of her ways to improve her writing skills.

Anjela hosted a showcase event to mark the debut of Strawberries at Camden’s renowned Green Note. Her on-stage performance astounded the crowd, and they were enamored with her incredible fusion of jazz and modern music.

Anjela is equipped with her compelling songwriting and performing abilities to ignite the music business.

Use the Spotify player below to listen to the alluring sounds of strawberries; you’ll adore it.


Written by
Barbie Edonia


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