Odd Holiday’s “Free Folk” Redefines Alternative Hip-Hop Excellence


The music duo Odd Holiday (Daylight Robbery and Mattic) under the management of the Chinese Man Records album is made to focus on the “Free Folk” track which is finally out.

The track brings together a scope that exceeds ordinary experience characterized by the avant-garde repetition of very short phrases which change gradually, producing a hypnotic effect in music (Roc Marciano), which salutes the father of their style (Madvillian).

For a hip-hop track like this, these credits come bare to see both in vocal dexterity and in the concepts of the sound spectrum, frequency range, equalization, dynamics, sound contrast, mix, panning, and effects processing.

The music itself brings together classical and jazz put into a hip-hop conceptual structure intended to serve as a support or guide for the creation of the music to get something epic.

The lyrics also focus on the idea of accepting the liberty to be who you are without forcing you to fit in another sound ecosystem.

These musical elements come together to provide a full feeling of relaxed vibrations with head-turning thoughts which deliberately builds interest. The “Free Folk” track is a showcase of alternative hip-hop at its best.

Odd Holiday is known for its diversity original composition, and production concepts. They always give it their all to produce amazingly and magnificently.

Below, you can listen to their song “Free Folk” on Spotify.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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