Aredikay and Zzamar Unite to Deliver an Intoxicating Afrobeat Anthem: “It’s You”


Collaboration is crucial for creativity and innovation in the dynamic world of music. When two exceptional artists from different parts of the world collaborate, they produce something stunning.

French producer, songwriter, and composer Aredikay has teamed up with Nigerian artist Zzamar to release their first single together, “It’s You,” an intoxicating Afrobeat-flavored track.

Aredikay, a diverse producer from the Paris region, effortlessly shines in a variety of urban music genres. Aredikay can perform in a variety of genres, including rap, dancehall, R&B, trap, and afrobeat.

He has developed a reputation as a true all-around producer because to his unwavering love of music and dedication to maintaining authenticity in all of his productions.

Aredikay’s incredible ability to create hit songs while maintaining his distinctive sound is on full display in “It’s You”. Zzamar’s smooth vocals and effective flow are perfectly complemented by the track’s expert production.

Each component works in unison to provide a remarkable aural experience, demonstrating their synergy.

The collaboration between Aredikay and Zzamar, a Nigerian musician with a deep voice and a love of storytelling, represents an exciting turning point in his musical career.

Zzamar’s performance on “It’s You” embraces his Afrobeat heritage and oozes charm and honesty, perfectly balancing Aredikay’s producing skills.

The song’s title, “It’s You,” perfectly captures its mood. The message of Aredikay and Zzamar centers on the joy of discovering that special someone and the beauty that love can bring into one’s life.

The energetic beats and catchy melodies of the song get listeners to the limitless world of love.

Aredikay and Zzamar have produced a work of art through their musical cooperation that bridges cultural divides. “It’s You” is a celebration of artistic ability, zeal, and the universal language of music that unites individuals from all over the world.

The tune unquestionably makes a lasting effect as it enters the playlists and hearts of music lovers. Your summer playlist needs “It’s You” to provide the seductive Afrobeat excitement and sincere feelings of love that the song and the season are known for.

Listen below.

Written by
Barbie Edonia


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